Browser Requirements to Run Project Portal

Project Portal is an application developed for the web that works best in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.  
Curious what browser will work best for you?  

For an optimal experience, we suggest the following browsers:  

Google Chrome 

Mozilla Firefox 

Microsoft Edge 

Follow the links above and install your preferred browser to continue using Project Portal.  

NOTE: As of August 2021, Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will no longer be supported by their developers. In order to stay secure and follow industry best practices, Project Portal will follow suit.  

Your user experience may be degraded if you are currently using Project Portal in Internet Explorer. Support for this browser will end in early 2022 and you will no longer be able to use Project Portal in Internet Explorer. 

Please direct any questions to Project Portal Support ( or your Project Manager. The Project Portal Team is constantly working towards supporting the best infrastructures to make your data as accessible and secure as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!